Initial consultation is where I will come and visit you at home to discuss what you require from me in regards of services. This gives me an opportunity to meet your pets and vice versa. I like to know about your pets’ routines, little habits, good or bad, any medication or medical problems, and feeding routines. I usually ask you to write me a little daily diary of your pets’ day so I can keep as close to their routine as possible to keep your pet happy and stress free. There is a £10 deposit for this service payable during the visit. This will be refunded on the first booking.

Dog walking. Your dog will have my undivided attention during our one hour together. If only a short walk is needed, the rest of the time is spent playing and grooming. It can be a one off or on a regular basis, it is entirely up to you. Second shorter visits are available on request.

Cat/rabbit/ guinea pig feeding. Visits last up to quarter of an hour and include litter cleaning, feeding, anymore medication and interaction. I will also pull on curtains, turn on lights, remove any post etc. A second daily visit will be discounted in order to pull curtains off and turn any lights off etc.

House/pet sitting. If you are going away on holiday and do not wish to put your pet in kennels, house sitting is the answer. I will come and live in your house and look after your pet in their own environment. This way your house is more secure and your pet has their normal routines and are much happier.

Day sitting. If you are at work all day and need somebody to come and stay with your pet for the day, to feed and walk them, or just play with them, whether they are puppies or in their golden years, then day sitting is the solution.

Night sitting. If you have to go away for the night and don’t want to put your pet in kennels just for one night then I will come and stay to look after your pet.

Relief stable management. This is for a one hour visit and I will groom, feed, clean out and turn in or out for you. The price is for one horse.

 Small holdings sitting. If you have a small holding with animals such as chickens, pigs, goats etc. I am quite willing to come and look after all of them for you.

**Pet Taxi Service ** Whether you are unable to drive, the cars in the garage or you are just too busy, Country Pets can take your pet to the vets, groomers, kennels or any other destination either as a single journey or a return

Puppy socialising

A new service. If you need your puppy to have some company whilst you are away from home for the day, then this service is for you. I will play, train and socialise your puppy when they are allowed out after all their vaccinations.